About Us

Caribbean Perfumes, was founded on the 23rd of April 1979 by Myra Killip. She had come to St Lucia with her husband George. He was on loan from the Cheshire Education Authority in England to work for the Ministry of Overseas Development who were establishing a youth employment organization and training course in St Lucia.

Inspiration for St Lucia Perfumes (as Caribbean Perfumes was known in its infancy) came from a visit to the Diamond Estate in Soufriere at the invitation of the owners Mr and Mrs Andre Du Boulay. Walking in the gardens in the late afternoon when the heat of the day was fading, the flowers and plants breathing with relief gave off their sweet fragrances. Mrs Deveaux explained that they often sent fragrant fronds from a particular tree to Martinique for perfume making, it was at this point that Myra wondered if perfume might be able to be produced in St Lucia.

Eventually with very little capital and a very large loan she went into partnership with a local gentleman and his cousin an international potter. They created the now well known restaurant “The Green Parrot” which was to be the home of Caribbean Perfumes for the next 24 years.

Myra and George eventually returned to England and since then Caribbean Perfumes has changed hands three times. In 2002 Caribbean Perfumes was purchased by Jacques and Cathy Rioux local the owners of Jacques Waterfront Dining in Vigie, which is where Caribbean Perfumes “The Perfumery” is now nestled in a beautiful Caribbean chattel house in the restaurant’s tropical garden.

Cathy sees this as her newest passion. Quick with recognizing scents, and a life long love of perfume (she collects perfume bottles) meant that it was only a matter of time before she followed her nose to Caribbean Perfumes and the delights of Perfumes Making.

Ladies fragrances are available in a 30ml eau de toilette and a 65ml eau de parfum natural spray in attractive frosted bottles. You can select from a number of fragrances including Ile d’Or (deluxe fragrance) La Passion; Le Bleu; Marigot Breeze; Pink Orchid; Soleil and Frangipani one of Myra’s original fragrances along with Isle d’Or. Tropique or Periquito for men are available in 50ml eau de toilette.

The perfumes are available in selected hotel boutiques and stores around the island of St Lucia and in individual stores throughout the Caribbean.